Indigenous Education


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Focus Teacher

St Joseph’s supports an active Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Focus teacher, currently it is Tim Packer.

This role includes:

  • Engagement with Indigenous families in our community
  • Supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students develop their social, emotional, spiritual, cultural and educational potential
  • Supporting staff with their understanding and knowledge of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, language and current perspectives and issues.
  • Attend training and professional development
  • Support, encourage and attend cultural opportunities with students

Indigenous Language & Culture

In 2023, our Middle School students will be engaging in Indigenous Languages and Culture as a part of their core learning. We will be exploring the following areas:

  • Languages
  • Diversities and Identity 
  • Contemporary Experiences 
  • Cultural Expressions 
  • Social Action
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Indigenous Leaders

St Joseph’s School, Clare, is situated on Ngadjuri land.  We are exceptionally proud of our ATSI program. Students in Yrs 7-9 with an ATSI heritage are welcomed to apply for the ATSI Leadership positions each year.
ATSI Leaders:

  • Assist in the planning and celebration of ATSI cultural events
  • Communicate to the community via school newsletter and website
  • Act as a voice and advocate for all ATSI students, expressing what is culturally important to them at school and in the community
  • Assist where possible in the teaching and learning of ATSI culture and language
  • Represent our school at ATSI events
  • Liaise and meet with the ATSI focus teacher
  • Assist with the development of future ATSI leaders
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Indigenous celebrations at St Joseph's School

All Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students are invited to attend various events organised by Catholic Education throughout the year. These celebrations encompass recognising the importance of secondary education.  Plus there is an opportunity to learn about culture and language at the Thriving ‘Children’s Celebration’ in August.  Our leaders also plan a local event in conjunction with Ngadjuri Elders.  This generally includes cooking, fire, story telling and other cultural activities held on Country.


St Joseph’s School, Clare supports and acknowledges many special dates and occasions related to Indigenous history and reconciliation through the year. We choose to develop our students’ understanding throughout our curriculum, especially in The Arts, History and Geography.

All classes actively celebrate National Reconciliation week in late May to early June, NAIDOC week in July and Indigenous Literacy Day in September,  via the Great Book Swap.  We also partner with the Clare and Gilbert Valley Council to celebrate NAIDOC week at a community function.