Specialist Programs

QuickSmart Games


St Joseph’s, Clare, was the first school in South Australia to successfully introduce the Numeracy intervention program, QuickSmart. The QuickSmart Numeracy and Literacy interventions were developed through the National Centre of Science, Information and Communication Technology and Mathematics Education for Rural and Regional Australia (SiMERR) at the University of New England, Armidale.

The QuickSmart professional learning program is designed for classroom teachers, special needs support teachers, and para-professionals to learn how to work with, and significantly improve, the learning outcomes in basic mathematics and literacy skills of under-achieving students in the middle years of schooling. The program offers professional leaning and support for teachers to work in a small class instructional setting with two students using a specially constructed teaching program supported by extensive material and computer-based resources.

We have three trained tutors who now assist with the implementation of QuickSmart across South Australia – especially in the country Catholic schools sector. We currently have 10 students from years 3-7 at St Joseph’s, Clare, on the program.

Quick Number

St Joseph's currently runs a 'Quick Number' program for all students from Reception to Year 5. This program aims to increase our children’s ability to complete mental computations, improve automaticity, develop basic number skills and build neural pathways in a fun, challenging, individualised and effective way. 




In Reception to Year 2, our students learn to read, spell and write through structured literacy instruction. This approach is explicit, systematic and cumulative, ensuring all students develop literacy proficiency. The literacy block includes all the components of reading comprehension and writing.  


We use the Sounds-Write phonics programme as a key part of our comprehensive approach to literacy. Our Teachers and Education Support Officers are trained in Sounds-Write to ensure we are providing best-practice, evidence-informed teaching. By incorporating phonemic awareness activities, exposure to rich texts and high-quality literacy instruction, our students achieve reading, writing and academic success. 


From Year 3 onwards, students are provided with comprehensive literacy instruction to ensure they continue to develop skilled reading and writing.Explicit spelling instruction moves towards morphology and etymology, and writing at sentence, paragraph and genre level is practised. Using links to curriculum areas, reading and writing tasks are embedded in units of work to advance reading comprehension and writing composition. 

Multi-Tier Literacy Support

Regular screening of all students in Reception to Year 6 allows us to determine effectiveness of Tier 1 literacy instruction, identifies students whose needs are not being met, and adjusts learning for all. Our multi-tiered intervention program is data driven, allowing all students to access intervention based on need 


Tier 2 intervention 

Sounds-Write - In Reception to Year 4, a trained Sounds-Write tutor provides students with more support than they are receiving from the general curriculum. Tier 2 intervention is more intensive (i.e. small group) and more explicit (step-by-step instruction in the specific area of need) to support students at this level.  


Reading Comprehension - In Year 4-9 students are supported to decode and understand more complex texts. This support often uses decodable texts and allows students to practise skills to develop fluency and understanding. 


Writing Development – In Year 3-9 students are supported to develop writing skills at sentence and whole text level. This may be in particular subject areas, or have a focus on foundational English skills. 


Tier 3 intervention  

Sounds-Write, writing development or reading comprehension intervention is provided for those students who require individualised support and/or instruction.  

Visiting Specialists

St Joseph's provide space for a number of outside specialist support services. These include: